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Shop our featured totem Boa Rib Pendant Necklace. The Boa Constrictor Snake Totem is deeply connected to Earth's primal energy. It symbolizes the importance of shedding what no longer serves in order to grow. Its natural half moon architectural shape creates a beautiful balance when worn over the heart.


HART Adornment - Silver

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Bill Hallman - Atlanta, GA
Amaryllis Salon - Atlanta, GA
Nomad Tribe - Miami, FL
Circa Designs - New York
Lindy's - Fernandina, Beach FL
Raquel's Home and Garden - NY
Mountain Greenery - NY
Omni Resort Hotel - Amelia Island, FL
Eagle Co. - Denver, CO
Zephyr - Rhinebeck, NY
Offerings Gallery - Katonah, NY
Redbird Boutique - Austin, TX
Paxton Gate - San Francisco, CA
Pérez Art Museum - Miami, FL
Pottery Ranch - Marble Falls, TX
Pie in the Sky - Providence, RI